It is so important as a caregiver not to become so enmeshed in the role that you forget yourself. It's neither good for you nor your loved one.

Dana Reeve

Calling All Caregivers! The New Way To Achieve Our Goals Is "Team Sacrifice"

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to share a "aha moment" I experienced this weekend. You know those "aha moments" can be pretty powerful, and I think this may be the trick to start your week off on the right foot. Let's talk about "Team Sacrifice"

I know that sounds super ominous. But, don't worry no one's getting hurt smile. I'm just talking about everyone coming together to achieve a goal through sacrifice. This is a rare moment for caregivers. But, it happened to me and now I want to make sure everyone knows how wonderful this sacrifice can be. I think this is the way to actually achieve our goals. 


These Two Are The Best "Teammates"

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Guest Post: “Don’t Lose Yourself” by Theresa Snyder

I have the pleasure of relaunching our new site & presenting a wonderful post from Theresa Snyder. Theresa is a multi-genre published writer with an internationally read blog. She is a voracious reader and her character driven writing is influenced by the early works of Anne McCaffrey, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard. She loves to travel, but makes her home in Oregon where her elder father and she share a home and the maintenance of the resident cat, wild birds, squirrels, garden, and occasional Dragon house guest. Theresa’s books can be purchased by clicking here.

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Love Who You Were Created To Be

I posted this image earlier this week on our Facebook & Instagram pages. Self-love has really been on my mind lately; and I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what I’ve learned over the past two years. I’ve learned you can’t become who you want to be, until you learn to love who you are. I never really understood that until I became a caregiver.



When my mom came to live with us, I really thought I knew how my life would turn out. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life being a caregiver. I convinced myself that marriage & children just “may not be what God wants for me”; since this was where he placed me. I was completely convinced that caregiving was my “lot in life”; and I needed to make the best of it. Boy, was I wrong.


I’ve learned through lots of tears and counseling. That I was allowing my negative view of myself to make me believe that my life had to be limited because I was a caregiver.I was so filled with guilt over my decisions, that I believed I deserved to live at only a “certain level”. I thought that my only purpose was to work and take care of my family. In my mind, I was a failure on all levels. My family was miserable, my job was suffering, and I was on “auto-pilot”.


I finally started taking control back two years ago. I went to counseling, and realized that I didn’t love myself the way I should. I didn’t understand that God made me “uniquely wonderful”; and that I was given this situation because I could handle it. I discovered, “I wasn’t built to break”. I was built to grow and discover my purpose. So, I began the journey that lead me to that photo. I began praying more, laughing & smiling often, finding hobbies & purpose in my life. I began to live again, and that helped me “love me” again. It’s not easy. But, I’m so thankful to be here.


Caregivers,I want you to be here too! Don’t let anything or anyone make you feel like you’re lesser. You’re “uniquely wonderful” because of who you are, and what you do everyday. You deserve to be happy! Find your strength and see your beauty. It’s not about the exterior beauty. It’s about your heart being so full, that the love and tranquility inside shines through you. That’s what makes you truly beautiful. Take a moment everyday, and look at yourself in a mirror. Tell yourself how amazing today is going to be. Tell yourself how wonderful you are, and that you are doing everything possible to make sure your family is supported. You may not believe it in the beginning.


But, practice makes perfect ;-)!


We Love you! Now love yourself! Until we meet again.



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Sister 2 Sister Magazine Names “2 Chicks And 1 Old Lady” A “Fab Site to Check Out”

Sister 2 Sister Magazine September Cover

Wow! This has been an incredible week. I was coming off of a long holiday weekend :-) , and getting back into the routine of life ( work, errands, and all the usual fun). When I found out that we were mentioned as a “Fab Site to Check Out” in the September issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Foster Brown, Owner and Publisher of Sister 2 Sister Magazine when I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference in June.

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You Can’t Be Everything To Everybody

We’re all going through life at full speed.There are so many people in our lives that we touch everyday.The need to always be available to them is overwhelming. Imagine what’s it’s like as a caregiver.

As a caregiver, you are adding another level to your daily demands. Many of us are working while trying to balance the needs of family. At times it feels like we are being pulled in so many directions that if a good wind comes, we’ll shatter into a million pieces. When that happens, that’s when we have to remember “You can’t be everything, to everybody”.

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