Dating as a Single Parent Without Kids

I haven’t been on a date in two years.

Can you believe it?


I know that’s hard to believe. Especially, since I’m so darn fly (just kidding, but not reallysmile). But, it’s sadly the truth. I went on a self-imposed “dating sabbatical” after my last online encounter. Click here if you want more information on that fiasco. But, all I can say is “Budweiser and Bullshit”. But, let’s get back to the present smile

I’m ready to jump back into the "dating pool". But, I just realized something. How do you date when you’re a single “parent” with no kids? I know that sounds crazy. But, I can’t think of any other way to describe dating as a caregiver.

My Mom and Sister are my main priorities. They’re the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think about at night. Their well-being and happiness are the most important things in my life. Isn’t that what it’s like when you have children? They’re not my kids. But, they’re just as important. So, anyone I bring around them has to understand that. They also have to understand my time is limited.

You're not busy!

I have to be available to drive my sister to work. I also have doctor’s appointments, and anything else necessary to keep this “ship” afloat. As I’ve said before, “I’m the Chauffer, Cook, Doctor, Psychiatrist, Comedian, etc." My roles are many, and I haven’t even touched the fact that I strive to have a life too.

Yes, I work out (even though I’m on strike at the moment. That’s another story), and I have a full time job that I love. On top of that I’m also sharing my life with you smile,  and I have some good friends, that I spend time with occasionally. So, I’m pretty fulfilled. But, I’m missing a partner to share my life with.

I want that person who is my friend and partner in crime, who also happens to love my family just as much as I do. Everyone needs someone to love. But, caregivers especially need a loving partner. 

We need a person that can be our strength when we feel weak, and our voice of reason when we’re off track. Caregiving can be so tough sometimes, and it’s not always easy to encourage yourself. Having a partner that supports, encourages, and prays for you can breathe life into our situations. It’s not always about someone paying your bills. It’s about that person being there, to help you be your best self. That’s what true love is all about.

That’s why I’m ready to jump back into the “dating pool”. I’m ready for my partner. I’m ready to open heart, and give the right person a chance to share my world. I’m not too sure how to go about that. So, I’m putting it out there in the universe, and I’m ready to receive.

Let's do this!


I don’t know where this is going to take me. But, I’m glad you’re on the journey with me. Also, please share any advice you have on dating with kids or as a caregiver. Finding love can take a village, and I’m ready for some folks to guide my journey.



Until we meet again!




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