Day 14- A Cheerful Heart

17 Days To Balance And Fulfillment in 2015

Hello everyone! I hope your week is starting off great. I apologize about the “pause in posts”. But, things got hectic with work, family, and the holidays. I just got my Christmas cards to give out tonight (no judgments, please). So, I had to handle “some things” before I came back. But, I’m ready. So, let’s talk about the next step on the journey to balance and fulfillment in 2015, having a cheerful heart.

When I say having a “cheerful heart”, what do you think I mean? Cheerfulness means different things to different people. Many think it’s having a noticeably happy and optimistic approach to life. Or, it can be defined as having the ability to cause happiness through your appearance or nature for others. But, I define it in a totally different way. I think it’s the ability to invoke a feeling of happiness and/or contentment in yourself that allows you to be able to adjust to all situations around you.Cheerfulness

A “cheerful heart” can help you overcome challenges, when life seems overwhelming. It’s one of the key factors that have helped me on the caregiving journey. When I first started out, my heart was definitely not cheerful. I was grieving the loss of my father, and trying to change my life to accommodate my mom. I felt trapped and angry all the time. I was looking for an out.


I knew there were other caregivers out there facing the same challenges. But, I wasn’t ready to share my journey at that point. I felt like I would be burdening other people with my life. So, I was on “auto-pilot”, until I made the decision one day to be happy. It happened at the most unusual time. It was the second anniversary of my father’s passing. 

I was so focused on thoughts of him, and what the New Year would bring that I realized; I was tired of being tired. I was about to turn forty, and take the biggest adventure of my life. I realized caregiving didn’t control my life or determine my future, I did. I was giving all of my power and energy into being a caregiver for my mom, that I stopped feeding my passions. I stopped having joy in my heart.

So, I made choice right then to have a cheerful heart. To realize that I can be the change I needed by making the choice to lift myself up when things seem overwhelming. To know if I close my eyes, take a deep breath in the midst of my crazy situations, and tell myself that everything is going to be ok; that it will be ok. That I can leave my family for an extended period of time, and know that the world won’t fall apart because I’m not there.

To know that God gave me dreams and purpose because he knew I could still accomplish them while being a caregiver. I would love to tell you there is a ritual or process that you can do to have a cheerful heart. But, it’s not that complicated. All you need to do is make the choice to be cheerful and happy. It ‘s hard, but you have to know that you aren’t alone, even when it feels like it. Take a chance on yourself, and believe you can be the cheerful change you want and need. It’s your life, and you only get one shot!

Until we meet again!





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