Day 18-The Peace in Stillness

13 Days to Balance and Fulfillment in 2015

Do you ever look for moments where the world stops spinning? Of course, I don’t mean literally. But, those moments where it doesn’t seem like there are a million demands on your time. Where you can just sit in one spot, close your eyes, and hear nothing. Those moments of peace and stillness that seems to quiet a part of your soul that has been longing for this moment. Can you feel it? I can, and I was just giving you a verbal picture of what stillness means to me. It’s such an elusive thing for most of us, especially caregivers. But, it’s one moment that we need to tap into more. It’s a critical part of the journey to balance and fulfillment in 2015. There is peace in stillness.

                                                                                      The beauty of stillness

In moments of stillness, we get the opportunity to quiet all of the thoughts that chip away at our self-esteem and self-worth. You know those, “I can’t do this”, “I’m a failure”, or “This is my lot in life moments”. They’re such “self-esteem” and “self-worth” destroyers, and you need moments of stillness to help you recharge for the war of your spirit. It’s also where some of our greatest dreams are born.

Yes, you still have dreams as a caregiver. You should make it your mission to chase them with everything you have. You need them to help sustain you during the caregiving journey, and to give you purpose when it comes to an end. Write down what you dream about in these moments of stillness, and put together a plan to bring them to life. Those dreams are not being fed to you by coincidence. That is God giving you the ability to see forward, and know that there is greatness inside of you that will help you overcome any challenge. Receive it, believe it, and speak it over yourself. That’s just another part of the peace in stillness. Then, there is the part that allows you to just “be”.

Just taking the time to “be” is so peaceful in itself that you must take advantage of  stillness. As I mentioned earlier, we are pulled in so many directions; that there are days that I’m amazed at the amount of times my name is called in a twenty-four hour time period. I start to wonder is there anyone else capable of doing anything? I can’t be the only person thinking and/or working in the familysmile. So, I retreat to the one place in my home where I’m able to just “be”, my bathroom.

I know that sounds a tad gross. But, remember I didn’t say what I was doingJ. I just love to go in there to listen to music, read, and relax. If I could have a sofa and TV in there, I think I would let them have the rest of the house (just kidding!). But, it’s the one place they let me “be”. No one comes in to interrupt, and I get a moment to get some daily “peace in stillness”. I know you’re probably laughing at me, and I want you to know that i have never shared that information with anyone (no judgment, pleasesmile).

I just want you to go find your spot for stillness too! Caregivers, we need it! It’s critical that we take a daily dose of peace for our sanity, and the betterment of our families. Remember, there are peace and dreams to be found in stillness. So, please share your special places and dreams with me. We’re on this journey together! The year is almost over. Let’s end strong! Until we meet again.



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