Day 2- "Small Moments Can Lead To Great Happiness"

29 Days To Balance & Fulfillment in 2015

Hello! How are you doing? I’m just sitting down at 9:13pm to type this post, and I’m tired and excited smile. This has been a crazy day. It’s always amazing to me what we can do when we set our mind to accomplishing certain tasks or goals. Since I left work at 5:40pm; I’ve run an errand for my mom, stopped by the grocery store, made myself dinner (falafels and hummus #VeganYummy in my Tummy wink), cooked dinner for tomorrow, flat twisted my hair, bonded with my mom & sister, and now sit in bed typing up this post. All I can say is, “caregivers rock!” These are the moments that remind me of how much we do, and inspire me to devote time to being balanced and fulfilled.

Abraham Lincoln Quote
                                                                                           Happiness is a choice!


We do so much for everyone else, and we have to take the time to do something for us. Typing this post is my “Me thing” for today. It’s something I’ve been thinking about all day. I couldn’t wait to get a chance to sit down, and put this together. It’s amazing how the smallest moments can make us happy. What’s been your “Me Thing” today? Think about something that just made you happy today. Did you smile when you thought about it? Now bookmark that moment in your mind, so you can refer back to it when times get tough. Also, make a promise to yourself right now, to do it again as soon as possible. In that moment you created a “key” to unlock the doors of “frustration and resentment” on your journey to balance and fulfillment.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” This is all about making the choice to be balanced and fulfilled in the midst of the “storms” around us. Remember, in order for us to move forward we have to let go of the things that stop us from living our best life now. So, be on the lookout for “Me Things” or any other moments that bring you joy! Make the choice to be happy, and continue on the journey. We’re in this together.

I’m glad today was a good day, and I pray tomorrow will be even better. We’re making progress. Don’t give up now. Until we chat tomorrow.



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