Day 7- A Little Helps Goes A Long Way

24 Days To Balance and Fulfillment in 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm sure you're winding down preparing for the week to begin. Sorry, about the late post. But, I just got back from Diva St. Augustine. In St. Augustine, FL. It was amazing, and extremely hard at the same time. I've never been around so many wonderfully supportive people, all striving to achieve their goals. It's primarily a "race for the ladies". But, it was great to see men out there participating and cheering on the women they loved. Some ladies completed the 5K (3.1 miles), or the half-marathon (13.1 crazy miles!!). 

I did the 13.1 miles, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But, I learned some valuable lessons on the journey today, that I know will help as we move forward to living our best lives. There are lessons all around you, make sure you're open to experience them. 

Waiting for Divas Half Marathon & 5K to begin
                  Waiting for Divas Half Marathon & 5K to begin

When the race started at 7:15a this morning, I really didn't have the chance to absorb it all in. I was just so excited to be with my "team of divas" (KK, Elle, Jordan, and Erin). I was operating on a high, while praying that I make it. My nerves were everywhere, and I needed to get centered to get this done. When you're out there, it'a all about "doing you." It's your race, your pace. 

How many times as caregivers do we get a chance to focus on us , or better yet "do you"? Those times are so few and far between, that it can be crippling when we're placed in those situations.  I got caught off guard around mile 3. I felt such pressure to make my time. That I forgot it's about me. I was trying to run someone else's race, and I had to slow it down. I was getting tired, and it was just too early for that. So, I centered my thoughts, and dug in to make this happen. 

This race challenged me physically (cramps at mile 10, and I think a case of delirium to mile 13). But,it also challenged me emotionally. They always say it's 20% physical, and 80% mental. I never really understood that until today. This race forced me to deal with one of my biggest challenges, letting someone support and care for me. 

As caregivers, we are so controlling that we forget we can't do it all. We're just trying to make things happen, that we don't allow others to support and encourage us. That's a tough statement to swallow. But, it's the truth. I'm learning to own that side of myself. Because, I want to break that chain. I can't do everything myself, and expect to live my best life. i have to be willing to let others help me when I feel weak. To lean on people when I need an encouraging word. That's what being balanced and fulfilled is all about. You have to know your limitations, so you can know how to overcome them. 

I truly learned that at mile 10. I was hurting so bad, and I wanted to give up. But, the ladies I met from BGR Orlando (Black Girls Run) at the water station really took me under their wings. Two of them even walked me in to the finish line. Mind you, they had just completed their own 5k (3.1 mile) races. Isn't that awesome? I didn't have to ask, they just came right to my rescue. It's amazing when we're open to help, how it appears just when we need it. 

Between them, and my "team of divas" walking me in, I felt so loved and supported. I didn't care about crossing the finish line. I'd already won by having this amazing group of ladies pulling me through. That's what we need sometimes. Especially us caregivers! We need some people that are going to push and pull us through the rough times. But, we have to be open and available to it.  We can't keep blocking our blessings,by trying to "run someone else's race".

Don't be afraid to ask for help, and be open to receiving it. I promise only great things will happen because of that change. Look at the most "beautiful piece of jewelry" I own. I wouldn't have it without my "team of divas", and BGR Orlando (Black Girls Run). Be open to your "team", and begin living the life you want. Until we meet tomorrow!


My Divas Half Marathon & 5K Medal
                              The most beautiful piece of jewelry I own.








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