“It’s Not About The Hand Up, It’s About The Wake Up”

It’s Not About The Hand Up, It’s About The Wake Up

Today was my “Serving Sunday” at church. By “Serving Sunday”, I’m referring to my work with my church’s hospitality ministry. It’s refreshing to labor for the Lord. Especially, since we labor daily on our jobs, for our families, friends, etc. We have to carve out time to work for him, since he made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Well, today I got an opportunity to collect another “paycheck blessing” for that time.

We were blessed to have a wonderful word on not being weak in our faith. It’s so easy to accept a status quo life. It’s comforting for many people to be content with just getting by in different situations. This can be especially true when you’re a caregiver. You are just glad at times to get through a day where there is no crying, yelling, rushing from place to place, etc. You start to feel like getting by is all you should aspire to achieve in these situations. You feel like you’re doing your best, and you don’t know any other way, right?

But, there is another way. It’s called tapping into yourself, and unlocking your faith. It’s realizing that God equipped you with the tools to achieve any goal, and manage any situation before you were even born. Wow, to think that God knew our capabilities before we were even a twinkle in our parents eyes. That’s amazing, and it should inspire and comfort us in all things.

However, we don’t think about that as we navigate our daily lives. We at times become overwhelmed, and look to others for our help or “hand up”. We just want someone to come in, and help make it easy. But, nothing in life is easy. Plus, at times that person is not equipped to handle our situations. So, we get frustrated and just accept things as the “status quo” for our lives.

That’s such a powerful thing to do. Our words and thoughts have so much power over how our lives play out. We have to remember that. Remember, you were given the ability to overcome any situation before you were born. You just have to be open, and ask God to reveal it to you.

So, to the caregivers looking to find solutions and live the best life possible. To anyone struggling to find their way in life, looking for direction in a relationship or business, etc. Just ask and be ready to receive. Until we meet again!


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