Jesus Take The Wheel!!

As I’m getting older, I’ve learned that life is going to throw you curves. In order to survive, you need to learn how to drive. By drive, I don’t mean just take a leisurely tour through life. I mean drive like there is no tomorrow, and no understanding of how to get there. A lot of times, we worry about how we are going to accomplish our goals. Or, how we are going to get through everyday life. Or, we just worry about everything. All of that energy and focus, wasted on things that are sometimes out of our hands.

Today I was reminded that no matter how hard I try, I can’t control the curves that are going to come my way. There are going to be challenges that are going to take my breath away. But, I wasn’t built to break. I was built to navigate the curves of life, and come out the right way. It has taken me forty years to learn this lesson. It’s also one, that I occasionally have to do “reminder checks” on. This is definitely not a lesson that you learn overnight. This is something you go through daily. We just have to be encouraged, and know that we have the ultimate “driver” that is ready to take over when we call. I’m so grateful to know he has my back. Until we chat again!


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