Playing Hooky

palm trees

I had to share this slice of “birthday heaven” with you. I’m having a “hooky” day, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner.

“Playing Hooky” has always had a bad reputation. It’s always been associated with people trying to get out of work or school. Well, I’m here to advocate that every person with a job & family should “play hooky” ASAP! It’s a well deserved adventure waiting to happen.

I’m so glad that I got up today,and did my normal routine. But, instead of going to my office. I went to the spa, and spent the day being rubbed & scrubbed. I’m sitting here typing this on my iPhone as I have a lite bite to eat looking out over the pool. I don’t think I’m this relaxed when I sleep.

Long story short, take some time for yourself. The world will keep on running if you take a break. Treat yourself, love yourself enough to get quiet & relax.

Until we meet again.


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