Sister 2 Sister Magazine Names “2 Chicks And 1 Old Lady” A “Fab Site to Check Out”

Sister 2 Sister Magazine September Cover

Wow! This has been an incredible week. I was coming off of a long holiday weekend :-) , and getting back into the routine of life ( work, errands, and all the usual fun). When I found out that we were mentioned as a “Fab Site to Check Out” in the September issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Foster Brown, Owner and Publisher of Sister 2 Sister Magazine when I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference in June.


Here we are! We’re right under “MimiCutelips.com”, another great site to check out ;-)!!!

Sister 2 Sister Magazine was established in September 1988. Jamie Foster Brown is a visionary in the fields of Advertising and Broadcast Journalism. She is especially known for her in-depth interview style, and ability to bring a familiarity to celebrities like no one else can. So, I was honored to have an opportunity to speak with her. She was extremely kind and genuine as she spoke with all of the bloggers at our networking after-party. She thought many of us had voices that needed to be heard, and took all of our contact information to ensure she would be able to find out more about our point of views.

Who knew that encounter would lead to being mentioned in her magazine as a “Fab Site to Check Out“. I’m so honored and excited about this opportunity. To be recognized by such a distinguished publication is incredible, and a huge responsibility at the same time. It reminds me that this is our opportunity to share our experiences authentically, with the hope that someone else will be encouraged in their caregiving journey.

That’s why I started our blog. I wanted to provide a vehicle to show others you “CAN” have a life while being a caregiver. That you must have dreams and goals for how you want to live your life. Yes, caregiving is hard. Every day is not fun and laughter. There will be lots of tears, and moments where you feel like you’re a failure. But, there is still “LIFE”. Caregiving takes a village, and we have to begin having serious conversations as a society about how to support that village.

This is definitely an honor I won’t forget. It reminds me of how blessed we are to have this opportunity to share our story with the world. This is our chance to help start the “Caregiving Conversation”, while supporting others.

Thank you Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Jamie Foster Brown for allowing “2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady” to share their stories with your readers and the world. Please check out Sister 2 Sister online here or you can also subscribe here for a copy to be delivered to you.

Until we meet again!


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