The Caregiving Revolution Must Be Televised

The caregiving revolution must be televised. I can't ease my way into this topic. I can't tip toe around it in a colorful way. Caregivers have real issues & need real help.

I'm five years into the caregiving journey, and even longer than that if I counted the time when it was just my sister and I. But, at my level comes a peace. There is is an understanding that this is not going to be easy.

That I'll face challenges on all levels ranging from my health to my finances. The struggle is real. But, I'm finally at a point where I don't think about suicide; and  I understand my happiness is essential to my family's success. But, there are a lot of caregivers who aren't at that point.


Many are struggling with real world problems from broken marriages, financial peril to career suicide while trying to keep their families together. They're also grieving the loss of life as they knew it.

Caregiving is life changing. It doesn't matter if you're caring for your mother, spouse, child, lover or friend. Caregiving is all consuming, and every day is different from the next. So, we need to share our caregiving journeys. 

We need every voice sharing stories because this is not an isolated issue. This is an issue that transcends race, age and socio-economic status. This is an issue that is going to continue to grow & evolve because there will always be someone that needs to be taken care of. Plus, the rising cost of health care will prohibit many from being able to afford assistance.

I know that sounds like another problem that will never get fixed.
But, it's not about fixing it. Caregivers aren't looking for a magic bullet. We know there isn't one. We just need support. We need someone to encourage us, and tell us the rough days will pass.

We need someone to drop everything and hug us when we feel close to our breaking point. We need someone to brainstorm with us, when we're looking for answers to a problem. We're looking for organized, focused and concise support to ensure our families keep thriving.

The weight of the world can be on a caregiver's shoulders. We don't need you to save us from it. Please show us how to manage it.So, the caregiving revolution must be televised. We can't act like it doesn't exist & pray it goes away. We have to acknowledge it & collectively work to address it. 

Please share your journey with me. Let's build a conversation that can potentially lead to collaboration and change.

Until we meet again!

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