The Greatest Gift For Caregivers

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’ve had a great time filled with family, friends, laughter, and lots of food smile. I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone, and now we’re about to celebrate a new year.

2015 has really gone by quickly. But, it’s definitely been a year I won’t forget. How about you? As I sit here and reflect briefly on all the things I’ve experienced this year, I’m blessed to have gotten one of the most special “gifts” that I’ve ever received. This was the year that I realized that people have my back.

Friends Are A Gift


Now, I know that probably sounds strange. But, I’ve always been one of those people to not share my feelings or challenges. Sounds funny for a blogger, right smile? I’ve always been the listener, and never been the one to volunteer information about my life. This has been magnified since I became a caregiver.

Most caregivers don’t share their challenges, because we just don’t believe people care. Plus, you get tired of bringing up the issues. Sometimes, it just feels better to not talk about it. It makes you feel like the challenges don’t exist for a little while. It’s our momentary “escape”. But, this year being quiet got even more challenging for me.

I was facing challenges on all fronts, and I needed to be honest about my feelings and situation to get the help and support I needed. Heck, the support my family needed. It’s amazing how things happen that force you to share your story with others. That’s the making of your testimony.

That’s what most caregivers need. We need someone to listen, and not try to solve our problems. It’s easy for people to tell you what they think you should do based upon what they’ve read or seen on TV. But, caregiving is not a spectator sport. So, the best things people can do for caregivers are be supportive, listen, and help out with specific tasks (e.g. money, food, rest, etc.).

That’s what I was blessed with this year. I was able to have special people in my life that I could talk to, and they were kind and nonjudgmental. They gave my soul comfort, and supported my family in ways they can’t imagine. It was such a blessing, and I will make sure I pay it forward. Those are the gifts that caregivers need. We need people in our lives to just be there, and do the “little things” for us. A home cooked meal, a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, assistance with a bill, etc. Any of these “little things” will always trump the most expensive gifts.

 But, I think that probably would be the case for anyone. So, think about the “little things” you can do for someone. Those are the gifts that create memories and bonds that last a lifetime. Until we meet again!



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