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According to statistics most caregivers are married and have children. Tracey and I represent the Sandwich Generation of caregivers who are children taking care of their own children, and caregivers to their parents. Tracey and I are single without children, so that has led us to have a new added dynamic of trying to date while being caregivers.

It's not easy. But, we both have found this experience has led us to really finally understand that it's about loving ourselves to know that we deserve a wonderful man in our lives. So, please follow our journey. We've kissed a lot of frogs. So, there are lots of laughs, some tears, and lot of hope and openness to love ;-)

Standards: How To Reinforce Them & The Right To Real Love

My Podcast with Jay Mayo & the Right To Real Lovers

Hello everyone! How has the first week of 2017 been for you? I hope you’re kicking it off with a blast, full of love and intention to make this the best year possible. If you need some tips on how to really make it happen. Then, check out my last post for some tips that I’m using to make 2017, my year of ‘stepping into the light”. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Part of my journey involves continuing to do things that scare me, and being the love that I want to attract in my life. So, that led me to sit down and have an amazing conversation with Jay Mayo of Right To Real Love.


Source: Jay Mayo, President and CEO of Right to Real Love


I had the opportunity to connect with Jay Mayo at Blogalicious 8 in October. Check out my recap of that amazing experience here. Jay’s podcast for Right To Real Love is a Christian Based platform that is a resource for all of us on the journey to be loved the right way. The Right to Real Love community is very active, and really strives to apply practical tips that can impact every area of our life.


Our conversation was on standards, and the importance of stabling and reinforcing them to ensure you live your best life. Check out our conversation here. It’s broken down into three parts to make it work for your schedule. 

Part One: How to Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them

Part Two: How To Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them

Part Three: How To Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them


Also, here is Jay’s info to connect with him & the Right To Real Love audience.

Jay Mayo Twitter:

Right to Real Love Twitter:


Let me know what you think in the comments below. Make sure your standards are together. Until we meet again!






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Secret Weapons Come in All Forms

Secret Weapons
One of My Favorite Secret Weapons!


One of my mottos is to find the funny in every situation. It’s not always easy. So, at times I find that I have to dig into my “arsenal of secret weapons” to navigate the caregiving waters :). Today, I’m going to share one of my favorites with you, Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Body Wash and Lotion. I know that probably sounds crazy. But, when you’re a caregiver, you realize the most unconventional items can bring the greatest “peace” :). Today, I got a chance to remember that.

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Love Is Always In Style

Where there is love, there is life.

I’ve been thinking all week about love. There are so many ways that love is expressed. Love is not conventional. You can’t box love in. Love moves in ways that we don’t always understand. Love is patient, blind, and at times completely deaf to the ways of the world :). Remember God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that we could have life more abundantly. That’s love on fire for real!

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Budweiser & Bull Shit : Sorry, I got to call it like I see it :)

Budwiser & Bull Shit

This picture says it all right now! I’m going to take a little departure from our regularly scheduled program to talk about dating :). In particular, my journey on this road to love. I took a break from dating after my Dad passed to get myself together, and focus on my family. But, recently I decided to jump back in. I finally feel ready to open myself up to love, and I’m really enjoying this feeling. I just am not enjoying some of the dates and/or people, I’m meeting along the way.

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Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics

Sometimes you have to find the funny in things, and other times it just jumps out and grabs you. This is one of those time when funny just grabbed me :).

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to participate in the “Walk for Wishes” to support the Make A Wish foundation. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to support a great cause, with my team from work. So, that means I didn’t come home after work :). FREE NIGHT !!!!!!

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