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According to statistics most caregivers are married and have children. Tracey and I represent the Sandwich Generation of caregivers who are children taking care of their own children, and caregivers to their parents. Tracey and I are single without children, so that has led us to have a new added dynamic of trying to date while being caregivers.

It's not easy. But, we both have found this experience has led us to really finally understand that it's about loving ourselves to know that we deserve a wonderful man in our lives. So, please follow our journey. We've kissed a lot of frogs. So, there are lots of laughs, some tears, and lot of hope and openness to love ;-)

Do You Feel Like You’re Always Working?

I'm updating my resume

Doesn’t it feel like the work is never done sometimes?

There are emails and mountains of paper work to do on our jobs to ensure we’re adding value. At home we have to navigate mountains of laundry, dinners, and details of the days with a single bound. There is always something to do. Especially, when you’re a caregiver. It’s like adding another job on top of the others you balance. But, today my Mom told me about a new job that I need to be focused on too, finding a husband?

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The Art of Letting Go

2013 has been an amazing year for me. I turned forty, and love it. I was able to fulfill one of my “bucket list” dreams of going to South Africa. I was blessed to have another year with my family and friends. I got my “happy back” after losing my Dad in 2010. There are just so many things that I’m grateful for, that the list is endless. But, I must say with all of the things, people, and opportunities. I’m most grateful for learning how to let go.

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I never thought losing my Dad, and taking care of my Mom would be the turning point for me learning how I should be treated.

I always used to think that I knew my worth. I used to talk with my friends about how I would never let a man treat me badly by lying or cheating on me. I thought I knew it all, I mean I had read all of the books :). Well, you can “Think Like a Man, and Act Like a Lady” all you want. But, if you don’t have standards and know your true worth; you’ll always get less than what you deserve. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a post where I can say I’ve mastered it all. No, I’m definitely still a work in progress (See “Late Nights and Early Mornings”). But, I can say I have at least started down the path to knowing my worth. This is a lifelong lesson that you constantly have to do “status checks” on due to the amount of people that will come into your life that will try to pull you off the path. Remember from my previous post, the “Sprinters’ vs. “Distance Runners”. The “Sprinters” are sleek, shiny, and move fast. The “Distance Runners” are the men who will go the extra mile to show you they care. They are the people that will build you up, and can maneuver the “pitfalls” or “bumps in the road”. Standards attract “Distance Runners” while blocking “Sprinters”. My Dad taught me that when he died.

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This quote is always something to remember. It’s something that we constantly strive to achieve, and hopefully all attain. Remember to savor every moment you experience it. Those moments will help you when you feel like it’s unattainable!


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Late Nights and Early Mornings

It’s 1:00am, and I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep thinking about your lips, your skin, your body weight. All of the things that take me back to that last time. You took my breath away with how good you felt to me, on top of me, behind me, inside me. You get the picture :). Yet, with that pleasure comes a price. You get the inner most part of me. You have me in ways that no one else will. I get to wonder will you call? I get to wonder if your silence is a reflection of me. Or, a reflection of the fact that you “can’t handle it”? Not “it” in the sense of physicality. You “can’t handle it” in the sense of emotion; of me asking for “more”. “More”, that word that is ambiguous in it’s meaning. That could mean a date or a lifetime. Who knew one word could mean so many different things to different people. I look at my phone as I text you and erase it. I want you, I need you. But, I’m afraid too. I’m afraid that I’ll slip into a “pattern”. You know the pattern where we settle for a “piece” rather that waiting for the ‘whole pie”. Because, we’ve been conditioned to think a “piece” is better than nothing at all. But from where I sit that “piece” is nothing at all. A ‘piece’ only is going to satisfy for so long. Why should I settle for a piece when I can have the whole thing. I’m selfish, I want it all. Is that wrong? If I can have or do anything I focus my energy on. Then, why can’t I have all of you. Especially, if I put my focus on you. If I’m honest with you, then why can’t I have you. That seems to be the $100 million dollar question for the world. I guess it won’t get solved tonight, I mean this morning. :)

Until we meet again!


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