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According to statistics most caregivers are married and have children. Tracey and I represent the Sandwich Generation of caregivers who are children taking care of their own children, and caregivers to their parents. Tracey and I are single without children, so that has led us to have a new added dynamic of trying to date while being caregivers.

It's not easy. But, we both have found this experience has led us to really finally understand that it's about loving ourselves to know that we deserve a wonderful man in our lives. So, please follow our journey. We've kissed a lot of frogs. So, there are lots of laughs, some tears, and lot of hope and openness to love ;-)


If there is one thing that’s certain, it’s that I have not cornered the market on heartbreak and pain. There have been, and will be many people that have been hurt by love. It’s the one thing that’s consistently going to be the most sought after feeling in this world. It’s also one of the things, I have not been able to acquire. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in love. But, I’ve never been engaged or married. That’s pretty rare for someone my age. I’m forty, so people always expect a husband and a tribe of kids to be around me :). But, that’s not how my life has gone. No husband and no kids.

I used to struggle with that. I’ve always wanted to be married and have children. I had my life planned out, like so many other women. However, I’ve come to learn God can have different plans. Sometimes, you have children another way (e.g. through marriage, etc.), or you have a sixty-six year old mom that acts like a two-year old, and a thirty-five year sister old that acts like a sixteen year-old :). So, I’m covered on the children part for now. A husband, that’s a different story.

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