Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics

Sometimes you have to find the funny in things, and other times it just jumps out and grabs you. This is one of those time when funny just grabbed me :).

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to participate in the “Walk for Wishes” to support the Make A Wish foundation. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to support a great cause, with my team from work. So, that means I didn’t come home after work :). FREE NIGHT !!!!!!

The other chick was home with the old lady, and I could go and have dinner & drinks. So, we finish up with the race and head to Graffiti Junction for food. It was so cool,to relax and chill. We caregivers need those moments. I even got a chance to come across a new vegan restaurant, and some amazing organic candles. I bought two and they are awesome. I was “WINNING” on all levels :).

Well, I head home about 9:30pm to go watch Scandal (Guilty Pleasure) and chill. I get home a little after 10pm to be greeted by the “old lady” in her moon nightgown and socks waiting up for me. She was worried about me being out so late by myself, and was not able to rest until she knew I was home. Don’t forget I’m forty-one years old :). So, instead of trying to explain or rationalize why I’m late. I do what any self-respecting caregiver does. I go into my goody bag from the race, and come up with a “gift” to distract her.

My first “offering” is a dalmatian toy. My mom loves collectables. So, I think I’m on easy street. Not so lucky. She looks at the toy, and discards it quickly. Dagnabit, what do I have left to offer? So, I let her smell my candles. I try to distract her with the scent, and talk about burning them in the house. She is so taken by the warm sandalwood and vanilla scent, that she decides that she needs something in her room to make it smell good. WHAT? I put two Febreeze units in her room. Doesn’t it smell good enough? I try to distract her with an old Bath and Body mini candle that smells like her favorite scent. Nope, she’s not having it. She wants that vanilla sandalwood candle in her room, and she wants it now. I’m left in a quandary, give her my new favorite candle? Or, do I listen to a lecture about why I’m staying out so late? Also, I need to add, that it will include a dose of “Did you meet any men?”.

So, I pony up the candle, and watch her turn on her heels and slide off like a ninja in the night. No thank you. Just a little cute laugh in the night. A candle for a peaceful evening out, that’s a priceless trade.

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