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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


Are You Still On Course With Your Vision?

It's time for a vision board "gut check"!

Can you believe it’s March 2nd? Wow, we’re three months into the year. So, I wanted to circle back and do a quick “gut check” to see how everyone is progressing with their plans for 2015. I know it feels like time is flying, But, a quick “gut check” will help us get back in line or help you get started. It’s never too late to live your best life now. 

I know I took you along my journey to “live my best life now” at the end of last year. I had to take some time to really put what I wanted to accomplish in 2015 into perspective. As caregivers, I find it’s easy to get distracted. Heck, our lives feel like one big “distraction” “_. We’re pulled in so many directions caring for our loved ones and trying to manage jobs/family that it can feel like you’re in one continuous cycle of crazy.

But, that’s our lives, and we have to accept where we are at the moment in order to move where we want to be in the future. So, that’s where the vision boards come in. This is our opportunity to think about all of the things we want to accomplish for ourselves, and give them life through pictures. 

Vision Boards

As William Ward once said, "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin! Here are some “vision check” questions for you.

  1. When is the last time you’ve looked at your vision board or goals? If it’s been three months, are you sure these are really your “goals”? When you want to accomplish something, it’s on your mind. You put it top of mind. So, it may be time to rethink & refocus on what really drives you.
  1. Are your goals/vision boards somewhere you can see them? -This helps tremendously with keeping things top of mind. It’s not about making them overwhelming or something you feel chained to accomplish. Choose goals that you’re capable of achieving, with just the right amount of “stretch” to work for them.
  1. Have you celebrated your “successes” and learned from the things that didn’t  work out the way you wanted?                                             -You have to celebrate the “successes”! Tough times are normal along the journey, and they help you know that you’re getting close to your breakthrough. So, those “successes” are going to be that little boost you need to get through it.

See it doesn’t’ take much to “gut check” ourselves. We just have to be willing to be honest about not being where we want to be; and take the necessary steps to change that.   There are nine months left until the end of the year. Take this opportunity to out yourself where you want to be.

Please share your progress with me. I’m going to be sharing some of my goals with you soon! Let’s hold each other accountable, and live our best lives now. Until we meet again!


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