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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady

Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


Calling All Caregivers! The New Way To Achieve Our Goals Is "Team Sacrifice"

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to share a "aha moment" I experienced this weekend. You know those "aha moments" can be pretty powerful, and I think this may be the trick to start your week off on the right foot. Let's talk about "Team Sacrifice"

I know that sounds super ominous. But, don't worry no one's getting hurt smile. I'm just talking about everyone coming together to achieve a goal through sacrifice. This is a rare moment for caregivers. But, it happened to me and now I want to make sure everyone knows how wonderful this sacrifice can be. I think this is the way to actually achieve our goals. 


These Two Are The Best "Teammates"

I've been training to run/walk my first half-marathon in December. This has been a labor of love that stems back to me deciding it was time to ""Lace Up My Track Shoes" , and get serious about my health. I was facing being diabetic, and that's not how I wanted my life to be. So, I've been running/walking 5K's for the past ten months to get myself healthy. It's been great! I have done ten 5K's, and have some beautiful bling ( I run for shiny objects tongue-out)  to go along with it. I also decided to end the year off by doing my first half marathon, the Diva Half Marathon in St. Augustine, FL on December 7th. I'm so excited, and super nervous. But, my training partner Kay Kay has been awesome. So, with all of the awesomeness of this event comes the tricky part. I train really heavy on the weekends. That means my sister, the other chick is going to work super early and the old lady gets no "bacon breakfast "outings with me.

Right now, it's Tracey getting dropped off at work at 6:00am for her 9:00am shift. My mom getting a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich, and a snack bag with the promise "I'll bring her goodies from the juice bar" after my run to make up for our normal "bacon breakfast outing" (This woman loves bacon, and living with two vegetarians/vegans has made that impossible for her to get at home. So, this is a really big deal for her.). It also means that we get up at 5:30a, just to ensure I have enough time to take care of everything before I go train. The guilt of our new Saturday morning routine is really bothering me. I cringe/cry every Saturday morning because I feel bad for throwing the routine off. But, this week I got a boost of confidence from the most unexpected person, my mom. 

My mom was settling back in her room after grabbing her breakfast sandwich & snacks, when she sat on the bed and started telling me how she was tired of getting up early every Saturday. She said, "We're always on the go, and that we need to slow down". All of the usual complaints that I was ready to hear. All of the things that would contribute to my cry on the way to train. But, then she said the thing I didn't see coming. She said, " I want you to slow down. But, I'm so happy that you're doing this for yourself. So, I'll sacrifice a little sleep and bacon to make you happy". 

Can I tell you I almost fainted! I was so floored to hear her say that. My mom was willing to make the sacrifice to make me happy. That made my day, week, and month. My mom was willing to sacrifice for me, because she knew it would make me happy. In that moment, I realized that she was on the "team". It's all about "Team Sacrifice". Each of us giving a little for the betterment of the other. All I need to do is make sure she understands how much this means to me, and she'll support me. I feel like I can conquer the world knowing that. That little boost helped me do eight miles Saturday. Imagine what i'll do next Saturday!

Caregivers, we have to communicate through our words and actions all of the things that matter to us. We have to remember that the loved ones we care for, are still capable of making sacrifices to help us achieve our goals. We're a "team", and we need to make sure everyone on the "team" knows the "plan". So, share your goals and dreams. You just might be surprised to know how much they're willing to sacrifice for you, based on the sacrifice you've made for them. 

Until next time! 

XO (Hugs and kisses)

P.S. Let us know what you think of the new website & what you want to see on here! 


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