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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


#DearMe: A Letter To My Younger Self

Hello everyone! I’m Pamela, and I have a secret. I have a YouTube channel. I know this is not life altering. But, for me it’s major. I’m a tad bit shy and self-conscious at times. So, I’ve kept my YouTube channel on the “low” (that’s slang for secret :-), for almost a year.

I’m trying to work up the courage to start using it more, and I just haven’t felt like sharing it until now. I received an email talking about the #DearMe campaign that YouTube put together in celebration of International Women’s Day today Sunday, March 8, 2015); and I was truly inspired to put together my first “real video”.

What would you say to your “younger self” if you could go back in time? Would you tell them all the pitfalls to avoid? Or would you give them the go ahead to live life as you remembered it, mistakes and all? I really was surprised at how reflective I felt doing the video.

I remembered so clearly all of the awkwardness I felt growing up. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, that I was too focused trying on other people’s lives to notice. I just wasn’t me. It’s amazing how time and age can heal old wounds. It felt so good to know that all of those times that I didn’t think I was going to make it were just false evidence appearing real or fear.

I’m definitely on the road to becoming the person I want to be. The package isn’t put together like I thought it would be. But, that’s what makes me “perfectly imperfect” and I love it. I hope you enjoy the video too. Please share your thoughts and comments with me! I would love to hear what you would say to your “younger self”. 

If you would like to do a video too, click here for information on the #DearMe campaign for International Women's Day! 

Until we meet again!



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  • Keisha | The Girl Next Door is Black

    Keisha | The Girl Next Door is Black

    10 March 2015 at 18:10 |
    Great post! Thanks for sharing your "secret" with us. I liked the video.

    I think I would tell my younger self: "You're cooler than you think you are. Don't let anybody else tell you otherwise."

    Love the blog name!


    • Pam


      16 March 2015 at 22:28 |
      Thank you Keisha! Video scares me so much! But, I'm working on it. Isn't it great that we got cooler as we got older ? I love your name too! I definitely will be checking out your blog. Thanks for the support :)


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