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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


Funny Moments


my mom

I hope your week is going well. It’s Tuesday, and I feel blessed! Today I’ve been thinking about “Funny Moments”. Being a caregiver is very challenging. Balancing family and work is never easy. But, it definitely gets more stressful when you are trying to take care of a loved one. Taking care of my mom is a lot of work. But, I always take a moment to thank God that her health is good. The main challenge that we face, is her sight. Since she’s legally blind, her ability to do things is very limited. However, we work with it. We pack her lunch, and make sure she has everything she needs when we leave for work. But, I definitely find it funny that she can “see”really well when the following items and/or people are involved:

  1. Candy ( Jellybeans)
  2. Michael Strahan, Pitbull, or Robin Thicke ( She thinks they’re “hot”)
  3. Or when she wants something in general

You’ve heard of “selective hearing”? How about “selective sight”? The reason I know this exists, is due to the fact that when we ask her to pick up the cheerios she drops on the floor, or fold up her clothes. We definitely find that her vision gets bad again :). Not to mention, when we ask her to put her dishes in the sink. It’s like she’s never seen the kitchen before. Amazing how that happens! But, these little things are the “funny moments”. These are the times when I get a chance to laugh, and savor our time together. Funny moments can be very far and few between. But, we have to appreciate them. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the stress, that we forget about the funny moments. When that happens, the fear and anger set in. The fear that this is all my life will ever be. The fear that i’ll never find love, and that I gave up my life when I became a caregiver. It’s amazing how your mind can race to the negative when you forget to find humor in the funny moments. As soon as fear takes root; you can rest assured anger is right behind it. When you are operating on anger, your literally killing yourself. Not to mention, you’re making everyone around you miserable. Which in turn can make being a caregiver unbearable. But, that’s why you have to find humor in the funny moments. The funny moments remind you of the love, and the love is what keeps you going. The love is what tempers your patience, and reminds you of one important thing to remember. This is a temporary situation. Life is not eternal, so one day this will end. How do you want to spend the time that you have with the person that you’re taking care of? Do you want to be angry? Do you want to laugh and create memories? It’s your choice how it will play out. Just don’t make permanent decisions in temporary situations. Savor and cling to the funny. Until we meet again!


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