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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


How Dollar General's digital coupons can save you money



I’m all about saving money. As a caregiver, we have so many things we’re responsible for managing. So, saving money is a top priority to make sure we’re able to handle life’s little shifts. So, I can’t contain my excitement about a Dollar General coming to my neighborhood.

My parents used to shop at Dollar General all of the time to get great deals on household products, snacks, etc. I hadn’t been in one in such a long time, so this was like being a kid in a candy store when I walked through those doors. Especially, when I found out they have Digital Coupons that I could download right on my phone. I can’t tell you the countless times that I’ve gone into a store and forgot my coupons. With Dollar General that’s never a problem.

Dollar General App Homepage
The Dollar General App Homepage



As I took a look around, I noticed a great deal on SCOTT® products. I’ve always loved their Choose-A-Sheet paper towels. They're  perfect for my house. I do so much wiping, snack providing and nose blowing, that I need size options smile. I hate wasting paper, and Scotts paper towels help me take care of my family and save my coins. Plus, Dollar General has the Mega Roll 6 pack that includes bonus 15% sheets. So, I’m getting 9 rolls for the price of 6. That’s winning to me. 

Scott Choose-A-Sheet Mega Roll 6 Pack
Choose-A-Sheet Mega Roll 6 Pack


They also carry  SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue and Scotts 1000. I love SCOTT® Bath Tissue. The Extra Soft is great, and Scotts no frill, no dye approach to bath tissue is perfect for my family. We have sensitive skin, so it’s essential that we use products that keep is simple and clean. SCOTT® Brand is a superior product with no frills – just the perfect choice for your paper product needs!"

So locate the closet Dollar General near you here for great money saving options for your family. Here are some SCOTT® specials you don't want to miss.

Bonus Packs:
• SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue, 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)
• SCOTT® Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, Mega Roll 6 Pack (Bonus 15% Sheets)
• SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, Double Roll 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)

Also, don’t forget to get your Dollar General digital coupons. It’s fast and takes the guesswork out of saving extra money. Here’s how you get them. 

To redeem Digital Coupons:
1. Sign up at Create account and load which coupons you would like to use
3. Visit your local Dollar General to redeem coupons at checkout. Find a Dollar General near you by using the store locator


I can’t wait for my next trip to Dollar General! Let’s save money together. Until we met again.


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