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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


If Only Heaven Received Mail

If Only Heaven Received Mail

This is one of the hardest blogs for me to start. Father’s Day is a really challenging day for us. We’re always happy to see and hear about all of the wonderful fathers in the world. We just wish we could talk to ours. We feel blessed to have many memories that we can share about our time together. But, what we wouldn’t give for just one more conversation with him.

If only heaven could receive mail, this is what we would send to him…..

Dearest Pops,

I hope this letter finds you sitting by the ocean casting your line off the pier about to catch a big fish. Or, better yet sitting down and having a conversation about life and politics with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Miles Davis, and Wayman Tisdale. You always had great insight, and were extremely well read. I’ll never forget how you made me read the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” at twelve years old. You always believed and reinforced education was the key to success. You always told us that if we didn’t know our history, we were doomed to repeat it. Wow, we miss those conversations.

Really, we miss you.

Your eyes always shined so brightly when you saw us. Your laugh was infectious, and I find myself at times hearing that laugh in myself. It startles me, and I find myself trying to repeat it to capture another moment of you. You were always so kind, and so outgoing. It’s one of the qualities we try to emulate. You never were afraid to strike up a good conversation. Remember, when I called you to get advice on cooking collard greens for a lady in the grocery store? You spoke to her like she was family. Or, when we went on our family vacation and a group of women just asked you to go with them for a minute. You just said, “ok” and went.

Next thing we know they have you in in full makeup with boobs and everything on stage helping them win a “beautiful manly man” contest. Of course, your team won. You looked beautiful, even with your mustache :).

Wow, how can we not talk about the mustache. We loved your mustache. Remember that time Tracey and I refused to go with you when we were little because you shaved it off. We were like “stranger danger”, because our Daddy has a mustache :). It took you thirty minutes to convince us to go with you. The mustache was part of your swag. I miss that “Pops Davis Swagger”. Are you still wearing only shirts with horses and polo players in heaven? If so, how do they fit over your wings? I wish you could send me a photo :).

You always were smooth and clean at all times. However, even with that “Davis Swagger” we always knew we were your number one priority. You would stop everything to be there for us, to talk to us about anything. We always felt so loved, so special. We ache for children who don’t know that kind of love from their parents, and we thank God that we were blessed with you.

We know you’re up there supporting us and praying for us all times. God got a beautiful angel in you. We miss you so much. But, this Father’s Day is not about reflecting on the loss of you. It’s about remembering how blessed we are because of you. The memories are what dries the tears and brings smiles to our faces.

We miss you Pops Davis! There will never be enough words to describe the love we have for you.But, at least there will be all of the memories to get us through. Until we meet again!

Love always, Pamela and Tracey

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