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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


No Matter How Old You Get, You Will Always Be My Baby

I think we’ve all heard that statement before. To our parents and loved ones that raised us, we’ll always be their baby. It just sounds strange as we get older. Especially, if you’re Forty-one :). But, that statement has become my mom’s mantra this week.

Don’t laugh, I haven’t done anything crazy. But, I did decide to drop a mini nuclear bomb. I told her that I would be going to New York in June by myself for a blogging conference. See, I said it and the world is still moving :). My mom handled it pretty well when I told her. I was actually surprised, and a little frightened (This is the same woman that I had to bribe with a candle when I came home late one night). She just wanted to know why I was going, where I would be staying, etc. Just the usual. Then, we jump into the hard question……. Who are you going with?

Now of course being the caregiver I am. I think about making this a work event, and tell her I will be traveling with colleagues ( Side note definition of Caregiver behavior: This is at times necessary due to the fear on their part and your own that you may just want to run off, and not come back.) That’s not going to happen, but it does cross the mind at times :). But, I remind myself that I’m an adult. So, it may not be a good idea to lie. I decide to “playfully” remind her that I’ll be traveling by myself.

Well, Mom wasn’t interested in “playing’ today. She decided she would take this time to launch into a full-scale strategy session to find me a travel companion. She took that opportunity to open up the “mental rolodex”; and go over all of the men I’ve met and/or dated in the last year to see if there were any viable candidates.It’s amazing to me that she can’t remember what channel her favorite show comes on tv. But, she can recall any man who has been in my life :). So what they aren’t in my life now. She felt a good phone call to invite them to travel with me would be all I needed to fix things up :). If only finding a travel companion or man was that simple, there would be a lot of dating sites out of business. But, I digress :).

Any who, she has decided that I simply can’t travel by myself. Who’s going to protect me? Who’s going to experience the city with me? Who’s going to make sure I eat? Simply put, I’m her baby and it’s not safe traveling alone. While, I truly value and appreciate her concern. I didn’t know New York had been declared a war zone :). Also, I didn’t know that I couldn’t experience the beauty and adventure of New York on my own. I thought I was capable of savoring the city that never sleeps with my eyes fully open to it’s adventure and danger. Can you tell how excited I am to go :)?

This trip is going to be amazing! But, I know that I face many conversations about this with my Mom until I go. Its so funny how they slip right back into their parenting roles even though you are now the “caregivers”. It’s also funny how, these people were not the ideal men for me to date. But, they may be good travel companions?

Who can make sense of it? I guess it all boils down to me being an adult. But, I’m always going to be her baby. Pray for me :).

Until we meet again!

You'll always be my baby

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