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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


Oprah's Live The Life You Want Tour Miami Recap, Pt. 1

I’m so excited to be sitting here typing up my recap from Oprah’s “Live The Life You Want Tour”. First, I must thank God for the opportunity to attend. It was truly him that gave me access to this awesome event. Secondly, I must tell you “I got my life”. I got my life, and so much more out of this event. There is just so much that I have to share with you, and I need to let you know this is probably going to be a three-part recap.

I’ve thought about it, and I can’t squeeze the “most amazing two days of my life” into one post. I want to do this justice, and make sure I'm sharing all of the "gifts" I received  this weekend. You know Oprah is known for her generosity. But, the way she “poured” into us this weekend, no amount of money will ever compare. 

Reinvention LLYWM
Rediscovering Me at Oprah's Live The Life You Want Tour in Miami

 So, let’s begin with day 1, and the great Oprah Winfrey!


Oprah Takes The Stage in Miami
                 Photo Courtesy of Harpo Studios, Inc. / George Burns


When I arrived in Miami that afternoon, I didn’t know what to expect. The weather was rainy, and traffic was terrible. But, I was filled with anticipation as I made my way to American Airlines Arena. I was so excited to get there, that I left my godmother’s house in Fort Lauderdale an extra hour early to make sure I arrived with time to spare. I didn’t want to miss a thing, and I’m so glad I did that. I got a chance to play at O-Town, which was an interactive area setup across the street from the arena in Museum Park.


Innovation Station LLYWM
                  Journal Making at Innovation Lounge in O Town

This area is a dance party, pampering, self-discovery cornucopia of fun! Carla Hall of “The Chew” and “Top Chef “ fame was doing cooking demos and dancing to Beyoncé, Prince, and the Jackson 5. It was simply amazing. Even though it was rainy & muddy, everyone was having a great time while we waited for “OPRAH”!!!

The afternoon seemed to fly by, and when they made the announcement for everyone to return to the arena, I gathered my stuff and headed over filled with anticipation. I was ready to sit down, relax, and listen. I hadn’t even looked at my ticket to see what seat I was sitting in. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t lose the ticket. I’m a tad irresponsible when I’m nervous ;-). So, I put a ninja death grip on my ticket as I made my way to the main concourse. When I walked through the curtains of my section, I was greeted and led to my wonderful seat

My seat, I felt so close to the stage that I could just run up and touch it. Mind you, I would have to jump over about four rows, a flight of stairs, and some floor level seats. But, that’s nothing when you’re that close to Oprah ;-).   I was so winning! Then, just when I think it can’t get any better DJ Kiss starts “spinning the ones and twos”. I’ve always wanted to say that. But, seriously she was playing the good stuff. We were dancing & having the time of our lives. Then, the lights dimmed and we turned our attention to the screen to listen to the recap of Oprah’s career.

I was in awe, as all of her accomplishments were being played right before our eyes. To go from such humble beginnings in Mississippi, to being one of the most respected women in the world. It’s amazing. Then, the amazing level went to ten. All of the lights were low, and our wrists where we had our official tour bracelets turned yellow to represent the sunrise, the eternal source of our energy, the dawning of a new day, and the coming of Oprah to energize us on this journey.

Yellow Light Coming From Oprah Wrist Bands
                                 The Sun Is Coming From All Of Us

As Oprah stepped onto the stage in her yellow gown, her grace and confidence was mesmerizing. Oprah was in complete control, and we were all so good with that. Oprah then proceeded to shape the journey we were about to take together. She explained that this weekend was about letting go of our fears, and choosing to operate our lives in love on all levels. To realize that we are the masters of our fate and souls, we just have to “surrender” to what the universe holds for us. By “surrender”, she didn’t mean give up.

Oprah’s mission was to ensure we learned by the end of the weekend that there is true strength and blessings tied to our silence and our prayer. When we let go of the trials in our lives and operate in love, your energy projects that to everything and everyone. The challenges are the building blocks to our strength, and she along with her “Trailblazers” were going to teach us how to tap into that source of power and unlock the next levels in our lives.


Here’s where the work truly begins. Next post coming soon! Until we meet again.




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