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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


Tapa Toro: A New Orlando Brunch Gem

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. I know you’re probably enjoying the Super Bowl. But, I thought this would be the perfect moment to drop a post about another “brunch gem” that has decided to bless “The City Beautiful” with all of it’s goodness, Tapa Toro.

Tapa Toro is a Tapas Bar and Paella Pit that has landed on International Drive near the “Orlando Eye”. It’s a locally owned culinary powerhouse that is led by the dynamic Chef Wendy. Chef Wendy’s style is contemporary Spanish cuisine. Chef Wendy believes in delivering refreshing flavorful food that packs a sublimely subtle punch. I recently had the pleasure of having Chef Wendy take me on a brunch culinary adventure with the Central Florida Lady Bloggers, that I won’t forget.

The beginning of our adventure :-)


When I arrived at Tapa Toro that day, I didn’t know what to expect. It was raining, and I had never been there before. So, I was truly open and anxious to try something new. When I walked into Tapa Toro, I was immediately blow away by the décor. I felt like I was transported to Madrid, the colors and leathers of the restaurant were inviting and mysterious. So, to say I was intrigued was an understatement.

Beautiful Views


The ladies immediately greeted me as they sat around an open demonstration kitchen area in the center of the restaurant. It was so inviting, and it was setup for us to make our own Blood Mary. Now, that probably sounds divine. But, to someone allergic to all tomato-based products, all I could think was at least I could drink the liquor :-) . But, Chef Wendy was determined to create the entire experience for me. So, she decided that she was going to make me a gazpacho base without tomatoes. You see they use gazpacho as the base for their Bloody Mary. So, it’s not your standard drink. When Chef Wendy came back with her “special mix”, I knew this was going to be a meal like no other. All I can say is perfection. She handled my allergy like a “BAWSE”, and she never stopped delivering the goods.

No tomatoes or Epi Pens were used or harmed for this drink :-)


We moved to a table, and proceeded to sample their brunch menu. All I can say is that this is the spot you need to bring your man or girl after a night out, or even a night in :-).  There is something on this menu for everyone. Nothing was bad. I mean who doesn’t love “Chicken and Pancakes”? Chicken and Waffles are so 2016, Tapa Toro is on some next level stuff with this one. Did I mention the syrup is house made? Actually everything is house made, from the yogurt to the syrup Chef Wendy is making it all. That’s music to my ears. Nothing like enjoying an exceptional meal without a ton of preservatives, salt, etc. I’m just saying, health is important to good eating and life.

Chicken and Pancakes
The new standard, Chicken and Pancakes A.K.A. Milenesa De Pollo


On top of that, yes there are more reasons to go to Tapa Toro. They hold monthly cooking classes (can we say “date night”?), have live flamenco dancing, and the brunch in bottomless. That means you can load up on their delicious sangria, and enjoy an incredible meal. Tapa Toro has it all, so what are you waiting for? Get their ASAP, and enjoy a meal that will entice your senses on all levels. Enjoy!

bottomless sangria
The best sangria ever! Plus, it's bottomless #winning

Until we meet again!







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