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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.


The Things We Take For Granted

The Things We Take For Granted

***This is one of the first blogs I wrote, and I wanted to share it again. It definitely helped put things in perspective for me. I hope you enjoy it.***

We are so blessed! We get the opportunity to wake up and savor the world, the good and bad. This week I had an opportunity to reflect on that as I took my Mom to the eye doctor. I know that sounds like such a routine thing to do. But, for my Mom it’s very different. She is legally blind, and for her it’s a moment filled with fear and regret.

My Mom lost her vision over ten years ago due to uncontrolled diabetes that destroyed her retinas. There is no treatment available that can help her. So, at this point she is only able to see shapes and shadows. Imagine for a moment what that must be like. A life in a constant cloud of darkness. Only your hands to feel and guide you through the world. My Mom still claims she can “see”. But, we know without direct light, she is living in darkness. It’s hard on her. She is completely reliant on us for her survival. That loss of independence manifests itself in many ways. There can be harsh words toward us out of frustration when we tell her to do something, or try to lead her as we walk. Or, outbreaks of fear that we are going to abandon her. Then, there are the thoughts that she is a burden, and is holding us back from living our lives. It’s amazing how the lack of “actual vision” can lead to a loss of “mental vision”. It’s like being a prisoner in solitary confinement. You can’t see the outside world, so that obstructed view darkens your soul and mind.

My Mom is in a constant battle to not allow the darkness to destroy her spirit, and make her give up. She misses my Father. He covered for her, and was constantly there as her “eyes” to world. So, without him it’s like she is grieving not only the loss of her partner, friend, and husband of thirty-six years. She’s lost her “vision”. She’s lost her direction, and now has to learn how to trust and find a new “leader”. It’s easy for most people to lead. Everyone wants or desires to be in control. But, the true art is being able to follow. To be able to trust that someone else knows the direction that you should go, and won’t let you fall is so hard. That’s a lesson that many struggle with, and pay thousands of dollars to learn.

I’m blessed that I’m able to lead. But, I use this experience taking care of my Mom to remind me about needing to be able to follow. There will come a time, when the roles will change. There will be a time when someone will step in, and need to take care of me. So, I need to be constantly grateful and thoughtful in my “leadership”. I need to understand that this opportunity only highlights the deep trust that my Mom has in me. I’m now the one leading the “vision’ for her life. Vision is not only about seeing in the natural, it’s about plotting a course for our lives that will lead us with God’s grace down the right road. i pray that I stay grounded and keep my “20/20 vision” for all areas of my life.

So, don’t take your “vision” for granted. Get it checked, the results could be life changing. Until we meet again!


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