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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady

Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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Caregiving and Mother's Day: Celebrating When You Don't Have Kids

Mother is defined by Webster’s dictionary as a “woman who has given birth to a child or children.” Mother is also defined as an "elderly woman, someone who looks after someone kindly and protectively, sometime excessively so." There are so many different definitions, and yet they all go back to mothers being the givers and caretakers in life.

So, I guess that helps me explain why I’m celebrating Mother’s Day, even though I don’t have children. Yep, today is my day too, and I don’t feel bad about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say I’m a “mother” in the truest sense of the world. But, I do have a “mother” and “sister” that rely on me every day to make it happen. I give them “life” by being a constant source of love and support for them. I would lay down my life with no question to ensure their happiness. I will be their loudest cheerleader, and their biggest “bodyguard”. Yes, this five foot tall woman can become a “giant” when it comes to taking care of my “divas smile.”

Mother's Day
                                                                  They go hand in hand :-)

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Road Tripping with the Divas, Pt. 2: Caregiver Road Trip to see Beyoncé

It’s almost summertime, and it’s the perfect time to see some new places. Now, I know the first thing you’re going to say is, “Aren’t you a caregiver?” Yep, and I love to travel laughing. So, this year I’m not letting the grass grow under my feet. I’m taking every opportunity to pack up the ladies and hit the road. 

We just came back from Ft. Lauderdale for mom’s birthday in early April, and I wasn’t about to let the month end without going to see Beyoncé’ in Tampa. Who wants to miss a “Queen B” show? Tracey and I weren’t about to let that happen. So, it was time to strategize the best way to get there affordably with mom.

Queen B
Image via Giphy

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Ford Motor Company Thinks of Every Stage of Life


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a meet and greet with Ford Motor Company and their innovative program, Ford Driving Skills For Life. It was amazing to see all of the great things that Ford does to help ensure that teenagers are safe on the road, along with some insights into how they take in to consideration the needs of expectant mothers, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities when they’re building cars.

I started my session with an overview of the Ford Driving Skills For Life Program from Kate Dennis. Kate explained how this program was established by Ford to provide teens an opportunity to learn safe driving tips. As newly licensed drivers, it’s imperative they learn how to navigate in challenging environments (e.g. Large Trucks, Rain, etc.). But, they also are taught how to recognize these challenges, and handle their vehicle more effectively. Check out this video about the program. 





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Birthday Shenanigans & Road Tripping With The Divas


It’s been a crazy social April for us. The “travel bug” has bitten me, and I’m determined to make the most of it. Travel can be so challenging when you’re a caregiver. There’s so much planning that has to go into putting a trip together.

It’s a great chance to recharge, and you’ll be surprised how it can make everyone in your household happy. It was the perfect dose of “happiness” for my mom’s birthday.

Thelma and Lousie
                                                           Let's Do This!

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The Caregiving Revolution Must Be Televised

The caregiving revolution must be televised. I can't ease my way into this topic. I can't tip toe around it in a colorful way. Caregivers have real issues & need real help.

I'm five years into the caregiving journey, and even longer than that if I counted the time when it was just my sister and I. But, at my level comes a peace. There is is an understanding that this is not going to be easy.

That I'll face challenges on all levels ranging from my health to my finances. The struggle is real. But, I'm finally at a point where I don't think about suicide; and  I understand my happiness is essential to my family's success. But, there are a lot of caregivers who aren't at that point.


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