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Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady

Two sisters taking care of their mom while trying to live life and find love.

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More Than A Caregiver

Have you ever said, “I’m more than this?” If so, than you and I are probably “spirit animals” that are feeling like what we’re doing isn’t working anymore. I’ve been feeling like this for a while about several different areas of my life, and I’m tired of it.

I’m so tired, that instead of trying to figure out an escape route. I’m ready to change the game, and use “more than” to create a movement. Can you feel it? Ok, maybe not yet. But, let me explain it this way.

When I say, “I’m more than a caregiver.” That typically is coming at a time when my frustration level is at a ten. You know those moments when you’re coming home from a hard day at the office, and everyone is looking at you to make dinner. Plus, they need you to fix a light bulb, do laundry, and make them feel better at the same time.


Audre Lorde

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Out of The Fog

Wow, I feel like a stranger to my own blog. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve checked in. But, I’ve been “checked out” for so long, that I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to come back.

I was feeling overwhelmed by everything. I was struggling trying to balance work, finances, family, and me. That’s the typical “caregiver struggle”. But, this time it just became too much. I started feeling trapped. I felt like nothing I did was going to be able to help me. I knew in my mind that wasn’t true. But, I just didn’t have the “energy” to fight. Have you ever felt that way?



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My Mom, My New "Friend"


Has anyone ever felt that moment when you realized that you and your mom are now “friends”?

I don’t mean “friends” in the sense where you can go to the club together. But, “friends” in the sense that I now can be my true self, and I don’t need to worry about what I say around you “friends”. I just realized that this moment has happened with my mom and I. But, the funny part about it is that I never thought we would be able to get here. 

When I became my mom’s caregiver, our relationship really changed. Which is normal when you’re a caregiver. The child becomes the “parent”, and the parent becomes the “child”. No longer are our conversations filled with thoughts about whether I’m eating or taking care of myself. Now, the conversations revolve around making sure she’s eating, putting on clean clothes, and being careful as she walks up and down the stairs at the house.


Mother's and Daughters

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Product Review: Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Collection

Nubian Heritage is my new boo!

Hello everyone! Sorry, that I’ve been gone for so long. But, I've been super busy with "life" wink. Plus, my “favorite” and only sister just graduated from college. But, in between all of the craziness, Nubian Heritage blessed me with an opportunity to review the African Black Soap collection, and I’m in love. So, let me tell you all about it!

                          African Black Soap Awesomeness :-)



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Still Standing in My Truth

350 days later in my quest to be a better person, daughter, and caregiver.

It's amazing what you can accomplish in 350 days. When I wrote this post last year, I was reeling from an argument with my mom. I was sick and tired of being "sick and tired." I wanted to be a better daughter, person, and caregiver; so I made the decision to begin standing in my "brokenness". 

350 days later, and I'm still "broken". But, I'm definitely in recovery. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to deal with myself. There are so many of us operating on "functional brokenness", and it's holding us back from living our best lives. I hope this post encourages you to take that step, and stand in your truth. This is a "no judgement" zone, and i'll be happy to support you on the journey. So, let me know your thoughts. We're in this together smile


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